The Institute strives to serve as a resource for all interested stakeholders
fighting DNS Abuse, whether they are registries, registrars, security researchers,
or any other interested party.

The Institute is pleased to provide and maintain a Resource Library on
publications related to DNS Abuse. These documents advance the
conversation regarding DNS Abuse and help educate registries and registrars
as to how to address it. These resources also may prove useful to someone
that wants to learn more about DNS Abuse and how to tackle it

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Centralized Abuse Reporting Update

The DNSAI’s new centralized DNS Abuse reporting tool, NetBeacon, is going to provide real value to registries and registrars and simplify the work and greatly improve the experience for those who are reporting DNS Abuse.

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The Current State of DNS Abuse Reporting

the DNSAI researched the reporting processes of the largest registries and registrars in order to better understand how they accept reports of abuse. This article summarizes the findings of this initiative.

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DNS Abuse Definition: Attributes of Mitigation

This post is a thought experiment intended to provide a new alternative method for defining DNS Abuse – and the criteria to most effectively mitigate it.  Our current definition of DNS Abuse was arrived at by identifying and categorizing online harms based on how the harm is executed. Instead, we propose that a definition could be derived by considering the attributes of how a harm can be mitigated.  Through this approach, DNS Abuse is not a list of harms selected by their category, but instead consists of harms that are appropriately mitigated by the DNS.  The rest of this post is an elaboration of what appropriate means in this context.

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