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NetBeacon Reporter allows registries and registrars to focus on action instead of administration by simplifying online abuse reporting, enriching the data, and streamlining delivery of abuse reports.

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NetBeacon Reporter simplifies the process of gathering and delivering online abuse reports, allowing security, operations and compliance teams to focus on action instead of administration.

NetBeacon Reporter standardizes and enriches abuse reports and automatically matches and delivers the data to the appropriate registrar. 


Create your industry partner account on NetBeacon Reporter and identify the types of reports you’ll accept.


Manage and triage reports in NetBeacon Reporter or use the API to integrate provided abuse reports in existing workflows.


Clear, vetted online abuse reports empower your teams to take decisive action against online abuse.

With NetBeacon Reporter, domain registrars and registries can:

  • Set preferred emails for receiving abuse reports
  • Select preferred abuse report enrichments
  • Acquire a key for consuming reports via API
  • Claim and manage multiple accredited registrars
  • Select preferred abuse report format
  • Label and flag frequent abuse reporters
  • View data about your reports in a dashboard

More reliable abuse reports 

NetBeacon Reporter makes reporting DNS Abuse easy and, at the same time, raises the burden to report suspected online abuse.

As an industry partner, you benefit from clear, enriched online abuse reports that provide the information your teams need to quickly determine if abuse has occurred. In turn, this empowers your teams to act quickly to protect against online abuse.

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