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NetBeacon MAP: Charts

Registries and registrars can use NetBeacon MAP: Interactive Charts to understand how often the DNS is used for phishing and malware, whether abuse is mitigated, how quickly, and the type of registrations (compromised website or maliciously registered domain).

NetBeacon MAP: Interactive Charts are displayed using Tableau. Compare and contrast data using the view options, download, and share.



Aggregate Trends

This chart provides a high level view on how much DNS Abuse has been identified by our methodology, and how it’s changing over time. It shows the absolute volume of unique domains our methodology has identified are engaged in phishing and malware, broken out by category.


Abuse Mitigation

This chart is intended to demonstrate how much DNS Abuse we observe as being mitigated on a monthly basis. This results in four labels: Mitigated, Not Mitigated, Uncategorized, or Unprocessed.

For additional details and usage guidelines, see the FAQ.



Registrar Median Mitigation Time

This chart is intended to show the observed time taken to mitigate phishing and malware, and how it is changing over time. 

For the domains that our methodology determined were mitigated, this chart shows how many registrars had a median time to mitigation in each category. For additional details, see the FAQ.


Malicious vs. Compromised

This chart is intended to show the observed registration type (malicious registration or a benign domain associated with a compromised website) and how this is changing over time. This is an important distinction because it impacts which mitigation action is most  appropriate, and which actor is best placed to mitigate.

Domain names that have been maliciously registered for the purpose of DNS Abuse are typically more appropriate for mitigation at the DNS level. A benign domain name that is associated with an issue of compromise is typically inappropriate for DNS level mitigation due to the associated collateral damage. Read more about attributes of mitigation.

For additional details on labeling, see the FAQ.