May 17, 2021

Introducing the DNS Abuse Institute Advisory Council

By Graeme Bunton, Director of the DNS Abuse Institute

DNS Abuse is a complicated global problem, impacting Internet users, businesses, and civil society in a myriad of ways. In order to ensure that the DNS Abuse Institute is considering the problem from all appropriate perspectives, it has put together an Advisory Council to provide insight and guidance on Institute projects and initiatives from a wide variety of viewpoints.

The Institute is extremely pleased with the calibre of the individuals who have volunteered their time for this task. The initial Advisory Council represents a diverse set of geographies, interests, backgrounds, and voices that will make the work of the Institute considerably stronger.  While our goal is to have consensus within the Advisory Council, our expectation is that we’ll have robust discussions and meaningful disagreements. The Institute is clear on the harms of DNS Abuse, but remains pragmatic and open on ideas for addressing it. 

The Advisory Council will have its first meeting in the next few weeks, with direction and feedback on the Institute’s Roadmap as a key objective. This is a key milestone for the Institute as it moves from planning to action. 

Membership to the Advisory Council is currently by invitation and members are expected to serve terms between one and three years. 

The initial membership of the Advisory Council is:

Drew BagleyCrowdstrike
Bertrand de la ChapelleInternet & Jurisdiction Policy Network
Chris DisspainDonuts
Ashley HeinemanGoDaddy
Maureen HilyardPIR Advisory Council / ALAC
Maciej KorczynskiUniversity of Grenoble
Vineet KumarCyber Peace Foundation
Dean MarksCoalition for Online Accountability
Crystal OndoGoogle
Bruna SantosData Privacy Brasil Research Association
Rowena SchooNominet
Bruce TonkinauDA
Jeff BedserPIR Board Liaison / iThreat

We appreciate their willingness to serve, and look forward to learning from them and from each other. In the end, even though we may see the issue of DNS Abuse from different perspectives, we all share a common objective: making the Internet a better place.