May 24, 2022

DNSAI Releases First-Ever Annual Report

The DNS Abuse Institute has published its 2021 Annual Report. As detailed in the Report, 2021 marked an impressive milestone year—noteworthy in the fact that it was the Institute’s first year in operation. The Report captures activities and objectives met during the time period of February 2021 to March 2022.

We take great pride in reporting that the Institute exceeded its goals for the year. The Report highlights a number of important achievements, including:

  • An exhaustive analysis of the DNS Abuse landscape, resulting in the identification of core opportunities and challenges and the creation and planning of key initiatives to address them,
  • The publication of an Institute Roadmap to outline and guide the development and implementation of plans for projects leading to the reduction of DNS Abuse,
  • The establishment of an Advisory Council, featuring a diverse and extraordinary group of industry professionals and subject matter experts,
  • Development of requirements for a DNS Abuse intelligence platform to provide actionable industry data,
  • Active participation in a variety of global DNS events, 
  • Publication of educational resources, including several DNSAI Best Practices, and
  • The scoping and development of a centralized abuse reporting tool, NetBeacon™

Read all about this and more by accessing the full 2021 Annual Report. You can also stay up to date on the latest activity from the DNS Abuse Institute by signing up for the DNSAI Newsletter by using the form at the bottom right footer of this website.